Eva Szwichtenberg

“We have worked with many web developers in the past years. Altkas was the first company we hired that made website development a positive experience. Not only did they deliver on time and at a highly competitive price, they were so easy to communicate with. Simply send an email and within 24 hours or less…


Neil Tragni

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Altkas on the redesign of our website. From start to finish, Tom was very organized with his approach and made the whole process very simple. The improved user experience and overall design enhancement really capture the spirit of Belle Vita Pools & Spa.”

Viktor Uygan

“Altkas worked wonders for my company – we are now have 50% more online visitors than we were the quarter before Altkas took over. Thank you Tom and see you at the soccer field :).”


Damian Pruszkowski

“What was needed was exactly delivered — with a professional and creative oomph on top. Tom and his company Altkas, developed a world-class website for my photography company. Tom proved he can deliver spectacular work, that works, for a completely different market.”

Brett Ackerman

“Altkas was brought in and changed everything. Not only does our new website give us the features and ease of use that we asked for, but it also offered additional enhancements that have made our website that much better. The parents and kids can use it with ease.”